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GTA locksmith is one of the major providers who serve for GTA panic bar installation and repair in Toronto and its suburbs. The core purpose for the invention of panic bars was to prevent the trapping of individuals inside the building in case of fire accident. However, in commercial building, the panic bar installation has become mandatory. GTA panic bar installation services no only offer the installation of contemporary panic bars but also provides the contemporary functions to them such as time delay, delay exist system, electrical and mechanical exit systems for ample security and safety.

GTA panic bar installation also offers the installation of basic mechanical panic bar that is installed on the specific fire exit doors. It is not limited just to the fire exits, but it can also be installed on doors which needs the ample safety and security. GTA panic bar installation services also checks for the doors in commercial buildings that need the ample security and pose the threat of being blocked from outside. There are several types of commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices or any business retail premises that needs the back door security and can GTA panic bar installation services for the installation of basic mechanical panic bar.

Our company also offers the installation of contemporary electric panic bar installation that is further integrated with the special system of fire alarm so that it may get unlocked automatically with tripping of alarm in the emergency situation. However, we also provide the custom programming for such systems such as when the door is pushed form inside they trip the alarm. GTA locksmith suggests the installation of such type panic bars in those building where the occupancy level is high, furthermore, the system can be extended with the fully equipped system with alarm. GTA panic bar installation also offers the installation of panic bars that can be controlled for exit and entrance form the security center.

GTA locksmith provides the door frames for new buildings under construction in order to enable the building for the installation of contemporary panic bars with different designs comprising of robust security making the bar operation more smooth and quiet. If you have made your decision for the selection of panic bars, you should know that what kind of trim you should utilize for exterior door. If the purpose of the door is not intended for entrance usage, there would be no need of trim. GTA panic bar installation services would suggest the installation of night latch with or without lock or handle. However, there are also other several options such as dummy handle or thumb latch along with the key lock or key lock lever handle. GTA locksmith installs the panic bars that are designed in order to be locked by the means of cylinder or hex key lock. Furthermore, the electric panic bars can be accessed for locking and unlocking purpose by the means of security system.

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